You have reached one of the richest varied areas in terms of gastronomy.

A multitude of colours and scents comes to confirm it as soon as you hit our countryside’s roads.

Just because we know that a real “gourmet” always love to discover the exclusive culinary secrets that are gathered by italian, french and “provençal” cooking…we have selected for your highest satisfaction the restaurants which represent most significantly the richness of these incomparable savours…

MONACOLIMO will assist you in selecting the restaurant that will suit you the best and will drive you there in a prestigious vehicle in order to spend an unforgettable gastronomic moment.



Welcome to the Riviera, home of exceptional types of vines.

You are a lover of great wines, here is something that will satisfy your passion. MONACOLIMO invites you to get on board of one of our most luxurious cars and let us drive you to the prestigious caves of the “domaines de Provence”.

An experience based on tasting and discovering that will allow you to enjoy some vintage wines, in a genuine beautiful setting.

MONACOLIMO has selected the places, which will greet you in the best way in order to discover the true treasures of Provence.


You wish to spend the day on a golf course and think of nothing else?

MONACOLIMO brings you the solution that will inspire you thanks to its convenience and simplicity.

Our recommendations and luxury vehicles are at your disposal to organize your day on the best greens of the Riviera.

Our chauffeurs will take you to the Golf Club of your choice and you will only have to meditate on your swing…